Joanne: Lady Gaga’s New Risk in Raw Emotion

Lady Gaga Shows off Yet Another Side

Throughout the years of lady gaga’s career, we have seen her take on many different styles of music. From dancing around with her poker face to putting us through the whirlwind of her Bad Romance, Gaga stuns audiences and never fails to impress.  In her new album Joanne, Gaga takes a raw and personal approach, that many fans are not used to.

The album in its entirety offers a more mellow and deep approach within the songs; however,  different styles weave through the album as each song takes a different approach. In the album, fans hear a more familiar side of gaga through a few songs. With catchy choruses and upbeat melodies, it’s hard not keep from dancing to songs like A-Yo and Perfect Illusion. Now, these upbeat songs, though catchy and fun to dance to, still strive away from the mainstream sound we are used to hearing on the radio. Making Gaga separate herself, once again, from the typical world of music, reminding us why we all love her.

Moving through the album further, we hear songs like title track Joanne and Million Reasons. These songs are where we dive into the vulnerable side of gaga herself and bring out all the feels. Inside the track Joanne specifically, it implies an experience about death and how to handle a loss in a beautifully strong way, striking the hearts of anyone who has experienced a loss. With the track Million Reasons, Gaga takes us through the battle of fighting the right and wrong of love, showcasing the struggle of letting go. These two standout tracks show the unfamiliar side to Gaga with many other tracks following the same pattern.

Pushing past the vulnerability, there are even more songs on the album that stand out in their own way. The songs Come to Mama and Just Another Day specifically give an old traditional sound. Showcasing pianos and saxophones, these tunes are sure to get your foot tapping and your fingers snapping. For anyone aching for an old time sound in today’s hit music, Lady Gaga brings it in the best way possible.

Joanne has already made its debut as number one on the Billboard 200 albums chart. After listening, it is easy to see why as Joanne really seems to have a song for everyone.

With Gaga’s ability to take risks without hesitation, her success shines through uncontrollably in everything she does. The risk as seen in this album may not have been going to the extremes like she normally does; but, to step away from the crazy costumes and dance moves to allow raw emotion to really come through. As she takes a step back from the usual, it is clear that all Gaga needs is her voice, and that classy pink hat.

Courtesy of Caitlyn Johnston, production director. 


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