YG wants us to know he’s still brazy

Album Review: Still Brazy


YG is a rapper hailing from Compton, California. You may know his hit songs, “Toot it and Boot it” featuring Ty Dolla $ign or “Who do you love?” featuring Drake. Earlier this summer, YG released his second album Still Brazy he also announced he was going to do a 52-city North American FTD tour with fellow rappers RJ, Kamaiya and Sad Boy. I was fortunate enough to attend YG’s FDT tour this past Tuesday!

In this latest album, Still Brazy, you can see YG analyzing his two worlds and how they are colliding. He is examining between YG the gangster and YG the now billionaire, B-list celebrity. The album first song is “Who Shot Me?” This song is about how he was hospitalized last June because an unknown person shot him. This song I think is the emotional centerpiece of the album. The rest of the album goes off of this song. He is now consumed with paranoia, always questioning people and friendships.

Also featured on this album is the anti- Trump anthem “FDT” which titled the new tour. YG’s words are very clear and forceful; however, he doesn’t rap about solutions he raps about hypotheticals. YG is very proud to be one of the torch-bearers for west coast rappers. He raps on “Twist My Fingaz”, “ I’m the only one who made it out the west without Dre. I’m the only one that’s about what he say.” YG  rap career is a success story, every underground rapper in California looks up to him.Still Brazy shows us a peek into his triumph.

Overall, Still Brazy offers a cohesive album that everyone should check out. YG also recently announced he dropped his new mixtape on November 18th.

Courtesy of Bella Gomez, content assistant.  

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