Music Review: Grouplove

You have to check out Grouplove, an indie-rock band based out of Los Angeles. The band consists of Christian Zucconi (lead vocals and guitar), Hannah Hooper (vocals and keyboard), Andrew Wessen (Lead Guitar and Vocals), Ryan Rabin (drums) and newest member Daniel Gleason (Bass guitar). The band formed in 2009 after New York natives Christian Zucconi and Hannah Hooper made their way to Los Angeles. They met up with the rest of the band and began recording. In 2010, they toured with Florence and the Machine. After that, they have had several hit tracks including their most popular hit “Colours” off of their debut album Never Trust a Happy Song.

Just recently, Grouplove released their newest album titled Big Mess. The lead single called “Welcome to Your Life” can be heard on radio stations across the nation.  They are currently touring with their newest album, and I had the pleasure of going to the show. Grouplove is just as fun to watch as they are to listen to. Every once in awhile, they throw a cover into their set lists. For example, they covered Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love” while touring their last album Spreading Rumors.

On their most recent tour, they’ve incorporated some of their NYC roots by covering The Beastie Boy’s song “Sabotage”, which matched the energy of the band perfectly. Their music carries messages about finding yourself, acceptance, peace and love. Big Mess is their best album yet. It is full of fun lyrics, interesting melodies, and plenty of upbeat rhythms to party to. I highly recommend giving it a listen. Grouplove never disappoints.

Courtesy of Logan Nelson. 

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