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Music Review: Banks and Steelz


So this music is something that I usually do not listen to but it is actually pretty good. Some of the words are kinda hard to understand because the background music drowns out the vocals. The songs that are on this album are a good mix of vocals and rapping. The music has a different feel to it than I expected. Unlike any rap music I’ve heard before, I did get through all the songs on the album. My favorite one by far is “Love and War.” It does have language in it so if you do not like that I would not listen to this track.


I relate to “Love and War” very much on a personal level. Some of the words that are being said are how my old relationship use to be. A single line related to me the most, “She lacks patience”. However, there are many other lyrics that I also connect with. I also believe that the lyrics in this song show his true emotions and the things that he was going through in his relationship. True emotion in a song keeps people interested in the things that you are saying versus just talking about stupid things like drugs and money. The songs subtle message includes speaking the truth about things that you are going through.

Courtesy of Joshua Gardner. 

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