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Album Review: The Ride



The name of Catfish and the Bottleman’s new album fits their newest set of recordings in the best way possible. This band recently blew me away at the Mumford and Sons Wilder Minds tour. The band did a fantastic job live. I  originally bought the CD version of the album. Later while rummaging through records, I purchased the vinyl because it was that good. You will have a great time listening to the music. The music has what I can only describe as a “band feel.” It isn’t overproduced making the music feel raw and alive. This aspect transitions well and they can now produce that same feel live.

Two of my favorite tracks on the album are “7” and “Soundcheck”. The first track on the record, “7” sets the mood and tone from the start. The catchy track will get stuck in your head. It is still in mine. The verses are very straight forward while the chorus brings it all together. I can tell that the band wanted to make the songs good, but not show off like other rock bands. They focus on playing technique and song. Don’t get me wrong, a face melting guitar solo is fantastic, but so is a really catchy song.

“Soundcheck” is another great song on the album. It delivers the same great feel that “7” had with some great rock licks from the lead guitarist. It couples very mellow verses with an in your face chorus that keeps listeners guessing. Right in the middle, the lead guitarist busts out a cool guitar solo that expresses his pure passion.

Overall, I would give this album a 10/10 and I am very picky. Great band, great songs and a fantastic album. I would recommend this to anyone that likes old fashion alternative rock with a new twist. I would recommend their first album, The Balcony, for more great music from Catfish and the Bottleman. Now stop reading this review and go get the album. You won’t regret it.

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