Album Review: Front Row Seat to Earth

Front Row Seat to Earth – Weyes Blood


Natalie Mering released her latest album, Front Row Seat to Earth, under the name Weyes Blood. Weyes Blood is an alternative band, that use a blend of electronic music and folk. They have released an EP this year as well, Myths 002.

Weyes Blood’s older albums are definitely more electronic than this latest release that leans into the folk side. This is a good change to my ears and gives this album a calming sound, and great vocals. I would compare it to something like Lana Del Ray mixed with Enya. 

Front Row Seat to Earth is mostly upbeat but there are a few sad ass folk songs with crooning electronics behind them. Each song has great lyrics, sometimes deep and reminiscent other times lighthearted. 

Over the last few days, I have listened to this album a few times, I would recommend the whole album, but in our fast paced world everyone one wants a quick taste. “Seven Words” is my favorite song off the album, “Diary” and “Do You Need My Love” come in a close second. 

Courtesy of Spencer Hart, general manager.

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