Emilee’s Favorite Five

The Top 5 Albums Spinning Right Now 


  1. Springtime Carnivore- Midnight Room
  • This album offers a fusion of sunshine pop, psychedelia and folk-rock filtered through the lens of indie rock, according to the band’s site. Springtime Carnivore is a one-woman project led by Greta Morgan.

2. Jeff Rosenstock- Worry

  • Rosenstock is a musician from Brooklyn has played in several different bands before starting a solo career. Rosenstock takes on some political issues with tracks such as “To Be A Ghost…” and “The Fuzz.”

3. French Horn Rebellion- Classically Trained

  • Their Facebook page merely states, “French horn is hard to play. Making hot beats is fun and easy. LET’S MAKE A BAND.”

4. Communist Daughter- The Cracks that Built the Wall

  • After one of the members of this group rose above the mental health problems he suffered, he and the group were able to put together a few albums, this being their latest. The band will be touring the US in celebration of the album.

5. Weyes Blood- Front Row Seat to Earth

  • This is the best album on this list, please go check it out! According to their Facebook page, “Weyes Blood is for lovers.”


Courtesy of Emilee Atkinson, music director.

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