Album Review: Worry


Before listening to Jeff Rosenstock’s new album, WORRY., I had very low expectations. This was my first time listening to his music, so I didn’t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised.

This is Rosenstock’s second solo album, separate from his work with a former band, Bomb the Music Industry! This album artwork is actually a picture from his wedding. Although unique, this album falls under the punk genre. The album was unlike the usual punk music that I listen to. It combines rock and roll, indie, alternative, and punk all rolled into one.

From the first track to the final, every song had its own individual sound and meaning. The constant heavy drone of the drums and the slight yelling tone to his voice convinced me that the album truly is punk. The compelling lyrics in the album touch on controversial topics such as police brutality as well as simple frustrations such as bad landlords.

Although the album consists of 11 songs, it is considerably short. Due in part to the last eight fairly short songs all leading into one another. Each song delivers its own genre and is sort of all over the place, but musically, it all comes together in the end. My personal favorite song on the album is “We Begged 2 Explode.” I recommend Worry for those interested in an album with an upbeat rock sound and meaningful lyrics. Fans of The Front Bottoms, Modern Baseball and Jimmy Eat World may dig this album.

Courtesy of Ali Kohler.

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