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Kyle’s Ear Affliction Woes

My ears are still ringing from this concert. I also messed up my McDonalds order because I couldn’t hear the cashier. But it was totally worth it. My Favorite band, The Amity Affliction, are an Australian metal band that played at the Complex in Salt Lake on October 12. They formed in 2002 and over the years have released six studio albums. They performed songs from their recently released album “This Could be Heartbreak.” They played new hits such as “This Could be Heartbreak” and “I Bring the Weather with Me” as well as older hits namely “The Weigh Down” and “Pittsburgh.” I had never heard of the other bands that performed. However, I enjoyed the performances by all of them. The names of the other bands that performed that night are Deadships, Trophy Eyes, Hundredth and Being as an Ocean.


Suggested tracks to listen to from these bands:

The Amity Affliction (Including all tracks mentioned above)

  • “Lost and Fading”

  • “Never Alone”

  • “Don’t Lean on Me”

  • “Tearing me Apart”

  • “All F**ked Up”

  • “Born to Die” (Lana Del Rey cover)

  • “Pabst Blue Ribbon on Ice”

  • “Snicklefritz”


Being as an ocean

  • “Ok”

  • “The Poets Cry for More”

  • “Dissolve”



  • “Dead Weight”

  • “Break Free”

  • “Inside Out”


Trophy Eyes

  • “Chlorine”

  • “Breathe You In”

  • “White Curtains”



  • “The Fall”

  • “Set Fire”

  • “Ignite”

  • “This Bitter Pill”

    Courtesy of Kyle Peterson. 

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