We Wanna Know: What Inspired Maroon 5’s Silly New Video

The “Don’t Wanna Know” Video that has Maroon 5 Fans Scratching their Heads

Earlier this week, pop-rock group Maroon 5 released their new single “Don’t Wanna Know,” featuring Kendrick Lamar. Days later, on October 14, they released the video to the new hit, leaving fans scratching their heads at the chosen theme.

Maroon 5 teased “Don’t Wanna Know” at their Salt Lake City show on October 8. This sneak preview left fans anxiously awaiting the full recorded release. The song tackles a simple take on the emotion of letting someone go. Though repetitive, “Don’t Wanna Know” boasts extremely catchy lyrics. And communicates the idea of lost love extremely well.

After playing the song on repeat to fully capture the lyrics, I expected to see a video full of raw emotion. Similar to Adam Levine somberly wandering around a city or something. However, we get Adam Levine running around town in a Pokemon suit trying to avoid being captured by kids. Granted, Adam Levine looks great in whatever he does, but what the screen showed when I clicked play Friday afternoon puzzled me.

With that in mind, the video still portrays the main idea overall. Pokemon Adam misses his assumed Pokemon love played by Sarah Silverman in the video; so, I guess it is not fully out of the box when you think about it. Toward the end of the video, Levine shares a conversation while sitting at a bar with another character (Vince Vaughn). They discuss the exhaustion of running. Maybe this implies another message in the video. Might the band be tired of being seen as something to chase like a Pokemon? Do they just want out of the public eye? I am not sure if anyone really knows.

One thing I know for sure, the video entertains, depending on your sense of humor of course. All things considered, undoubtedly fans were grinning all around while watching this silly video. So kudos for that, dudes.

From the catchy beat to the crazy costumes, I spent too much time thinking about this video already. So really when it comes down to figuring out the real method behind the madness, I just don’t wanna know, know, know, know.

Courtesy of Caitlyn Johnston, Production Director.

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