Wandering Soul

Music Review

I recently reviewed the Wandering Soul album by. In my opinion, the singer’s voice is beautiful. It has a very strong and earthy feel to it and is very pure and simple. Obviously, she possesses a lot of talent. She boasts a clear tone that delivers her lofty messages very well. However, the music itself was terrible for me.

Thin and inconsistent instrumentation that didn’t seem to fit well with the quality of the singer’s voice. It didn’t feel like it truly had a clear song format. True to its name, it seemed to wander aimlessly and none of the songs seemed to have any climax or build to them. I suppose if you need mellow background noise, this is a semi-suitable album, but it definitely is not an album of real substance.

The lyrics were pleasant enough, but they were stereotypical to the hipster culture and lack originality. Again, I felt that this was at most mediocre background noise, maybe for a hole-in-the-wall coffee shop or vintage bookstore, but it definitely isn’t heavy rotation material. I would like the instrumentation to be thicker and more complex. Overall, I think the singer is involved with the wrong style of music and is wasting her potential.

Courtesy of Madison Moretti. 

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