Who is #TheMix?

Who is already stoked for #TheMix on Wednesdays at 10:30? Uh, Me. But for those who don’t know who we are, let me introduce. We are apart of KWCR staff and we work in different departments throughout the radio station, and with that being said, we are all VERY different!

Charles the 3rd- Charles is our fabulous friend. This young man loves: Anything Monster High (he gave out Monster High Valentines cards), works in the content department and does a lot of work with social media. What does Charles do on his Friday nights? He LOVES to go to Open Mic Nights held at Grounds for Coffee on the first Friday of every month. Charles is one of a kind and we enjoy his glamorous personality on the show.

Gary- Gary loves sports! He is the biggest Lakers Fan you’ll meet, can go off on any sports related topic. He is from India so we are always hearing Indie music when he is around. We all get real excited when he brings in Indie music to the show. Gary is very talented with computers and knows everything about them! Gary is sometimes pretty funny, and Gary has a great brotherly personality and is a true bro.

Rueben- This guy, he is one dedicated young man! Whenever he isn’t doing work in the station, he is always doing homework for all his smarty pants computer classes. I wouldn’t doubt that this kid has a solid 4.0. Something Rueben contributes to our show: he is friends with everyone. I’ve never met a person who didn’t like Rueben! It was originally Gary and Rueben’s show, but then when Madi invited herself to be apart of the group and Rueben has been super welcoming from day one.

Madi- The only girl on the show, just call her “Shanelle West Coast” (whoever gets this reference wins.) She’s always laughing, how could she not? She is the only girl for goodness sakes. She works with Charles in the Content department and is real crafty with her Word Publisher and makes really sick posters outside the station booth. For example: the goat picture, that was all her. You’re welcome for that beautiful sight. Oh, and she is probably the only person in the station who likes country music. So yes, she does get her way and throw in a country song every once in a while!

This is the DJ’s for #TheMix where, just like the titles states, it’s a mixture of all kinds of kinds!

Don’t forget to tune in Wednesday’s at 10:30


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