Spanish Shows @ KWCR

Spanish shows at KWCR have two shows to offer to the audience in coordination with the General Management and the Programming Direction.

Our shows are produced by Weber State students in our radio station production studios; during the week the programs are totally in English and on Sunday we switch to Latin languages having the first Spanish show on Saturday “Pelaticando” from 1 – 3 pm, hosted by DJ Eppy. [Edwin Santiago – Spanish Programming Assistant]

On Sunday we have “Domingos Latinos” blasting the internet since two years ago with Latin languages music and actuality topics and hosted by DJ Manny [Manny Gonzalez-Reyna – Spanish Director]


Remember every Saturday 1 – 3 pm. “Pelaticando” and on Sunday 3 – 5 pm. “Domingos Latinos” only on Wildcat Radio KWCR!

Link to Domingos Latinos at Facebook >>> Domingos Latinos @ Facebook

Link to our online broadcasting >>> Spanish Shows webcam @

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