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You’re a broke college student trying to save money for next semesters expenses. It could be because you’re from out of town or because you made the leap to move away from home and it’s an adjustment. In any case your free 3 month trail to apple music is up and you can’t handle Spotify’s  adds anymore.

Well, you’re in luck. Because we are here to save the day. You see here at KWCR we switched to be strictly internet based. What does that mean? It means that we aren’t doing anything analog, we don’t need a tour, and we don’t have to pay any costly fees to be part of a “traditional” radio station. We now run everything on the inter-webs!

Because of that we are able to focus on efforts on getting you the best local music and all the music you love to the palm of your hands. That’s why we decided to bring you a new and improved app! So you can listen to our awesome sets all day, every day.

What you get in the new app is:

Quality streams: The most important thing is you can get to listen to our music stream anywhere at anytime. Because we stream online all you need is a connected internet device. You can plug in your head phones and listen to the station anywhere. In fact if you just want a soundtrack in between your class commute launch the apps stream and enjoy.

Access to our Social Media: You’ll also get access to our social media sites. Where you can chat with us about what you enjoy about the app and what you don’t. You can also see what other things we are up to. Like when our next open mic night will be held, or contests where you can awesome stuff.

Talk to us: We include our station number, email, and other forms of contact. So you can call us to request a song, or if you are a musician how you can come in and play on air and be interviewed.

When it’s all done. It’s a pretty great way to just kill some time and listen to quality music. In the end the best part of the app is listening to the hand curated music our music directors go through each week.

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