Local Musician: Cait Thompson

When Cait Thompson was 12 years old, she got her first guitar, and she has been wielding it ever since. And we don’t like to use the word wielding lightly. Her guitar is a powerful tool that craft a melody pulsing with passion.

“I’ve dedicated my life to music,” Cait said. “I am a musician, I write music. I’m here to talk about music and play music.”

About two years ago, she broke past the insecurities that most of us musicians feel. “The past two years have been eventful, emotionally, and so I have able to write.”

Perhaps her power and passion comes from life events that most of us don’t have to deal with, but Cait has overcome. We’re all just lucky that she chose a constructive outlet. And how kind life is to us: her outlet turned out to be a haven for her fans.

“My parents were both super musical, so when I was born it was supposed to happen,” Cait said with a laugh.

KWCR had the treat of hosting her first radio show appearance. “I’m happy, I’m here,” she said with a big smile and a little laugh. “I’m excited this is a cool opportunity.”

The feeling was mutual. She played her original songs, “No Name,” but one of our favorites is “She’s a Dreamer.” It’s a mystical song that lingers in the air in the same ways that dreams hover our beds at night.

Don’t take our word for it, check her out on SoundCloud and on Instagram!

–Benjamin Bradley, Promotions Director

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