Local Musician Interview: Branson Anderson

From playing some of his favorite self-written songs, to the talking about his adventures of travel to Nashville, Tennessee, Branson Anderson was full of excitement and thrilling stories. Anderson dazzled the show with many self-written songs including Talldog, Nightmare, Vegas, and A Man Like Me. He was thrilled to share that he would be auditioning for the KWCR Band-Off in April. His hopes are to make it into the lineup and many others have that same hope for him.

Charley Smith, the Music Director for KWCR and student at Weber State, met Branson at an Open Mic Night hosted at Ground For Coffee. She remembers, “We made an announcement ‘Hey if anyone wants their music played on the radio, we would be happy to speak with you.’ He was ecstatic to play on the air and do a live interview.” Smith was thrilled to be at the interview recording the set and jumping in to ask questions. Smith mentioned that she knows another local musician Sam Brue and his father, Mike Thornbrue, who speaks very highly of Branson Anderson.

Anderson appeared on Feb 16 and on Feb 23. The show ran short, but a podcast was recorded on the second session that will be available on the My Weber Media page under KWCR. Anderson talked about his adventure to Tennessee as one that he will never forget and neither will his home town. Listen to it here!

Anderson has written and produced a full album titled Greyhound that you can obtain from him by sending him a message on social media. He can be reached at Sound Cloud, Instagram, and Facebook. Be sure to keep a lookout for Branson Anderson Music.

–Hayden Wasworth, Promotions Assistant

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