Rock Out Your Day With Eppy and The Mosh

The Mosh is funny. It is Entertainment. It is you rock and roll show!

Hello My Weber Media readers, I want to introduce The Mosh to you. The Mosh is a Spanglish (English-Spanish)  show which is on air every Saturday at 10 am on KWCR.  It is a brand new show, so it really has a lot to offer since the format is still being developed.

I started The Mosh last month, and by now I have done four episodes in which I have talked about the history of rock. My idea with this show is to not only reach out to the local listeners but to reach Latino listeners all over the world. Therefore, I make comments and play music from both English and Spanish languages.

The format for this show so far is discussing new as well as old albums, artists, bands, and concerts that have marked the history of rock. Although the format sounds just rock related, it is not restricted to these topics. You are welcome to participate by sharing news, thoughts, or anything you would like others to know.

If your are a rock musician and would like to show your work to others, your are welcome to KWCR and of course, The Mosh. We will give you a chance to put you music out there. I will also be doing interviews with local artist as well as internationals. For more information check out the The Mosh Facebook page.

You can listen to the podcast from October 1st named The 70’s Part 1. This show was about the evolution of rock in the 70’s.  Three wonderful artist that died in the early 70’s, Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, and Jim Morrison opened the show.  More details are in the podcast description. Now click the link below and rock out!

Program Director, Edwin Santiago 

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