Late Nights


Album Review

Let’s talk about Jeremih today! Jeremih (JAIR-uh-my) is one of my favorite R&B artists at the moment. Many might know him from his hit single, “Birthday Sex.” Which still thrives as a  popular party anthem today. Recently, Jeremih blessed our ears when he dropped his latest album Late Nights. Consisting of 15 hot tracks and featuring artists like J.Cole, Ty Dolla $ign, YG and Jhene Aiko. Late Nights provides a smooth, playful and romantic sound. The song that plays on the french word for yes, “Oui,” provides an excellent example of what this album has to offer. My top favorite songs on the album include “Impatient,” “Oui” and “Actin’ up.” Everyone should check out Jeremih’s new album, it will literally take your aux level game to a whole new level.  


Content Assistent, Isabella Gomes

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