Artist Review: Kacey Musgraves

Here is your weekly dosage of country music! This week I am covering Kacey Musgraves. For those who haven’t heard of her, Musgraves is a singer from Texas and has been singing since she was really little. The reason I am obsessed with her music as of now is how peaceful her songs are. She just has that voice that could put anyone to sleep and also knows how to party with her songs. All her songs have a hidden or not so hidden meaning behind them. Her most recent album Pageant Material, the album I’ve had on repeat while I sit at my desk job, this album is so fun and has a lot of personality from Musgraves herself. I don’t even know if I can pick a favorite song of hers, they all have something. But, I do have my select favorites and they are:

  • Good Ol’ Boys Club– I really like this one because it really shows her independent personality on how she doesn’t let a man tell her what to do!


  • Late To The Party– this is the best song to just sing in your car, just so sweet and innocent. This song is so real too, she basically says what everyone thinks when going to a party with a special someone.


  • Pageant Material– Musgraves puts a lot of personality in her songs as well as humor and life lessons. She admits in this song she is not pageant material and how she would rather be herself than someone she was not just to win and that is super admirable not only in Pageants for example but in life.


  • Follow Your Arrow– this is from her album Same Trailer Different Park and I actually have this quote around my house and a couple stickers of this. This is where I find her so inspirational because she basically says do whatever you want to make yourself happy because in the end, nobody is going to care what you do.


  • Dime Store Cowgirl- this is where you know she is a keep it real kind of girl. She knows her roots and where she came from, like she says in her song “You can take me outta the country, but you can’t take the country outta me”


  • The Trailer Song- this is from her album The Trailer Song. She is so real. She says what we were all thinking at one point or another which I think is so great. Because we all have atleast one neighbor who drives us crazy and just want to tell them to go take care of their own dirty laundry, am I right?


  • Last one, Merry Go ‘Round- Y’all just going to have to listen to this one on your own to see what I mean.

I love her songs, all of them, but those are just a couple of songs I really like and get excited when I hear them pull up on my Spotify. So, for the rest of Spring Break, if you’re like me and working the entire week, go check her out!

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