Top 5 new albums for March 16, 2016

School is back in session. Midterms are over so there’s still a little time to relax before the next exams!


Here’s another top 5 of our favorite new albums for this week.

Album: Swan Song Series
Label: American Landromat
She has a mellow folk sound with experimental instruments and songs. Some songs go for more of a Garage feel while others are smooth and include a sitar!
2. Dutch Party
Album: Astral Nights
Label: Ransom
The other music director and myself both agree that Dutch Party is fun mix of Regina Spektor and Vampire Weekend, while at the same time adding an acoustic guitar in a few of his tracks.
3. Lucius
Album: Good Grief
Label: Mom and Pop
Strong female vocals over a pop indie sound with electronic emphasis. I really enjoyed this album.
4. Birthh
Album: Born in the Woods
Label: We Were Never Being Boring
Its a shame I couldn’t track down a song hers to show on youtube, because she was honestly my personal favorite for Top 5 this week. She’s like a mix of Fionna Apple’s voice and some emo music from the 00s. She’s so wonderful! here’s a link to her SoundCloud.
5. Seth Bogart
Album: Seth Bogart (Self-titled)
Label: Burger
He’s an entertaining bundle of summer. His pop indie sounds make all his songs dance able and fun! Most of his videos looks like they have right out of the 80s and there ain’t nothing wrong with that 😀




Special thanks to Planetary Group, The Syndicate, Terrorbird, AAM, and Airplay Junkie for sending us these awesome toons!

Music Director, Maryvic

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