Work with the Cool Kids

We’re asking WSU students to come apply and be part of our group. We have some of our beloved staff graduating this spring and our 24-hour streaming radio needs to still be functioning. Apply for the job, what could it hurt? You might need the KWCR App Form 16-17, too. (Deadline = Friday, March 4)

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “People who aren’t cool are the ones who say they are. If they have to write a title for shameless self-promotion, they must be extremely odd.” Full disclosure: our KWCR Radio crew is eclectic, a little weird, a smidgen chill, but my goodness, we are highly entertaining. There is rarely a dull moment when we’re together and we know how to make great, good and wonderful things happen.

What you get out of working for KWCR:

  • 1-3 credits of upper division hours
  • An office for your station and schoolwork
  • A great entry on your resume
  • A group of people who will have your back in a dance off (maybe)
  • Access to all the legally-acquired music in our station
  • On-the-job training to run station eqipment
  • Collaboration in many different areas of radio station operation

What we are looking for:

  • General Manager (Ever managed anything before? This’ll be an even better resume entry.)
  • Program Director (You’ll be deciding what the station sounds like with our specialty shows.)
  • Music Director (Your connections with music promoters will grow exponentially. #networking)
  • News gathering (We partner with Signpost and local music scenes.)
  • Production (Create some fantastic audio samples for your portfolio and produce podcasts.)
  • Public relations (This is as far-reaching as possible.)
  • Graphic design (You make us look good and we make you look even better.)
  • On-ground promotions (People skills are a plus but we just want people to love music.)
  • Event hosting (If you can call out names at an Open Mic and keep an event rolling, we’ll snatch you up.)
  • Spanish-Language Programming (Our Spanish-speaking listeners are our strongest following with Domingos Latinos.)
  • Engineering (We have big pretty toys that light up; someone has to keep them working.)
  • Information Technology – IT (Look, we have trouble hooking up our printer; don’t judge us.)
  • Social Media Curation (We can help you with your Instagram game and help you create a fantastic skillset.)
  • Sports (Call games for WSU and other local sporting teams. If you want to cover it, we’ll probably let you.)
  • Sponsorships (Sell ads for the station with a few others on the media team.)

Sound good yet? Check out the specific job listing on our page and email with your application or questions. Jump over to the station itself and hand it in if you’re into that.

See you soon!


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